Kinetico water treatment systems from AquaTex are engineered to solve virtually any water problem, and produce luxuriously soft water and worry-free drinking water all throughout your home.

Residential Products

AquaTex helps you choose the right Kinetico water system. Whether you need a water softener, water filter or drinking water.

K5 Drinking Water System

Kinetico’s K5 Drinking water station is the only expandable drinking water treatment system on the market.

Water Softeners

Kinetico water softeners eliminate unwanted magnesium and calcium ions to give you the softest water available. Your appliances live longer and showers will no longer cause skin irritations.

Water Filters

Water filters by Kinetico eliminate a number of common water problems in the home, including chlorine taste or smell, cloudy water, metallic or earthy taste or smell, and rotten egg smells caused by sulfur.

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