Wherever water is at work, AquaTex helps it work harder and better. As an authorized independent Kinetico dealer, AquaTex delivers the highest quality water reliably and to the most exacting standards for companies of every size.

Commercial Products

AquaTex provides the right Kinetico water system for your business. Whether you need  water softeners, reverse osmosis or water filtration.

Water Softeners

Kinetico softeners from AquaTex give you high flow rates throughout your business  and save money on regenerant and water use. These savings are confirmed by the systems certifications and its ability to surpass even the toughest of efficiencies standards. There’s nothing quite like knowing that your water, and your water treatment system, is of the best quality.

Reverse Osmosis

Kinetico reverse osmosis systems from AquaTex provide a wide range of options including nano-filtration and reverse osmosis elements. These reverse osmosis systems are each designed to address the needs of markets based on daily volume requirements and associated features.


AquaTex tackles problem water with Kinetico filters designed to take on virtually any water problem. Each filter is specially engineered to tackle menacing water problems head on. Using engineered filtration media provides you with outstanding backwash filter performance.

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