Commercial Filtration

AquaTex problem water filters can take on virtually any water problem. Every AquaTex problem water filter is specially engineered to tackle menacing water problems head on.

Systems from AquaTex featuring engineered filtration media provide outstanding backwash filter performance.

Filtration media


A revolutionary, highly efficient ceramic filter media for the removal of oxidized iron and suspended matter. This ceramic media is chemically inert and is not affected by acids and bases.


Carbon is used for the removal of taste, odor, and color. Activated carbon requires only periodic back washing to eliminate accumulated suspended matter and re-grade the filter bed.


A crushed and screened white marble material, calcium carbonate is used to neutralize acidic or low pH waters. Calcite effectively neutralizes the water and reduces the potential corrosion of copper and other metals found in plumbing systems that cause blue-green staining.

Filter Ag

Filter Ag is a non-hydrous aluminum silicate, which can be used as a highly efficient filter media for the removal of suspended material.  Filter Ag typically removes normal suspended solids, down to the 20-40 micron range.

Arsenic Guard

Kinetico’s Arsenic Guard uses UltrAbsorb media to significantly reduce arsenic in water without added chemicals or maintenance.

Combination of Hydrus valve components and Macrolite media filtration provides compliance with NSF-61 standards.