Water Problems

A number of water problems can affect your home. While the touch, taste or smell of water are indicators of a problem, many contaminants go undetected.

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Hard water? Calcium and magnesium scale buildup in water create hardness, which causes soap scum in bathtubs and costly repairs for appliances. Solution: water softener or drinking water system to fix your hard water problem.

Chlorine taste or smellChlorine taste or smell? Chlorine not only tastes and smells unappealing, but also causes a drying effect on skin and hair. Solution: water filter, softener or drinking water system to take out the chlorine taste or smell out of your water.

Cloudy water? Raw water comes into your home with any number of impurities that cause cloudiness. Solution: drinking water system or water filter to take the clouds out of your water.

Iron stains? Iron appears in the form of brown or orange stains on sinks,  toilets, fixtures and appliances. When we use well water, iron problems can  permanently damage appliances and clog pipes. Solution: water softener or filter to remove iron stains from your water.

Rotten Egg Smell“Rotten egg” smell? The presence of hydrogen sulfide in water gives it an unpleasant smell, like a rotten egg. Solution: water softener, filter or drinking water system to get the rotten egg smell out of your water.

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