City-water softener

City-water softeners remove hardness-causing minerals, chlorine and other organic materials that may be present in city water.


Only Kinetico uses the kinetic energy of moving water to power its systems instead of electricity so you never have to worry about costly repairs or high monthly electric bills.

Kinetico meters useĀ  water to accurately determine when its time to regenerate, resulting in less water waste and greater savings. When you go on vacation so does your system.

The twin tank design allows Kinetico systems to backwash without ever going offline for around the clock operation. A Kinetico system uses only soft, conditioned water to clean itself which prolongs the life of the system.


PowerLine water softeners are available with metered demand options – regeneration when necessary based on water usage, reduced energy, water consumption and user-friendly controls Timer options – 12-day calendar clock, automatic regeneration at user-determined times and user-friendly controls.

Kinetico versus competition.

Kinetico compared to electric.

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